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I’ll Never Do Class Jobs Again: Why I Made the Switch to Leadership Teams and Never Looked Back

I wouldn’t say I’m known for my organization.

Like most Type B teachers, my desk is covered in stacks and stacks of papers. The systems I’ve tried to set up at the beginning of the year get abandoned by November. And twenty tabs fill my computer screen at any given moment.

That’s why switching who was doing what class job was always the furthest thing from my mind.

Not only was it one more item on the never-ending teacher to-do list, but they were also pretty ineffective.

Some students did their jobs, others only did them when they liked their assigned jobs, and some weren’t as helpful as you’d expect.

But I can’t blame them. Being assigned a job is so much worse than being viewed as a leader.

Having to do a job elicits a groan. Being seen as a leader makes you stand taller.

So rather than forcing students to do tasks they didn’t like for the sake of the job chart, I created class leadership teams. 

The results were crazy. During transition times students started helping with leadership team responsibilities without being asked. 

I would come back to school in the morning after being out with a substitute the day before, and everything was picked up and where it should be. That just didn’t happen when we had class jobs.

With leadership teams each team has clearly defined responsibilities and they work together to accomplish them.

Students think about their strengths and things they like to help with and then apply to be on a leadership team based on where they think they would most like to help.

In my classroom we have 6 teams–teacher’s assistants, cleaning crew, organization squad, library leaders, tech team, and transition team

They have responsibilities like repairing broken books, plugging in Chromebook chargers, taking in recess equipment, and sanitizing counters.

Students stay on their leadership team for most of the year, so they get really good at their responsibilities and their classmates know who to go to for help in each area.

You can also have times when students can apply for a new leadership team if they want a change.

With leadership teams students view the class as their own and want to have a role in taking care of it.

I love the idea of personalizing each team’s responsibilities to fit your class’s needs, but if you need a place to start, I’ve got everything you need right here!

Think of all the time you’ll get back!

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